CRS NPL Alliance

CRS NPL Alliance

Cutler Ridge "The Alliance"



What is the Alliance?

The Alliance consists of four soccer clubs - Cutler Ridge Soccer Club (CRS), Miramar United Elite Soccer Club , Miami Springs/Virginia Gardens Soccer Club and Miami Premier Soccer. We are four like-minded clubs that share the same philosophy about player development. We want to provide an opportunity for female players to play with, and compete against, the best female players in the state of Florida. Our alliance will bring together the best players from each age group and have them compete in the Florida Club League with eventual movement to the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). We believe, that with our combined talent, this goal is attainable.


For more information on the Florida Club League visit the website here 


For a breakdown of the FCL Structure click here


What is the benefit to Cutler Ridge Soccer players?

  1. Players living near CRS will be able to stay at CRS and continue to benefit from our quality coaching staff and training facilities. At the same time, if they make the FCL team, in their age group, they will be exposed to top level competition in an "all-star" team environment.

      2. FCL players have the opportunity to play in front of college coaches on a regular basis, during league play,            and at elite and showcase tournaments.


What is the benefit to Cutler Ridge Soccer Club?

Players who make their age group FCL roster will learn what it takes to perform at an elite level each week and bring that enhanced work ethic back to our club. The raised expectations will then translate into a higher performance level, at practice and on game days. This energy will then attract more players to CRS.

We hope that our players will be able to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to develop and grow.

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