Recreational Program Overview

This Winter our Recreational season will return to the format of two practices and a game day each week.

Practice will be twice a week for ages 4-12 (birth years 2008-2017 *players must be 4 prior to April 1st.) 

We will place emphasis on coordination, agility and skills while trying to spark interest into soccer for players of all skill levels.


Starting January 4th and running through February for eight weeks

Must wear:     Mask from Car to field, Soccer shoes, shin guards, comfortable athletic wear

Must bring:      Soccer Ball (corrrect size), water or sports drink







• Self-control

• Dribbling

• Relationship building

• Involves interactions

• Discipline

• Running

• Shooting

• Social roles

• Imitation

• Structure

• Balance

• Ball control

• Teamwork

• Expression

• Routines

• Surroundings

• Turning

• Self-control

• Experiences

• Imagination and learning skills

• Coordination

• Running with the ball

*Love of soccer

• Self- recognition

• Confidence

• Passing and receiving

• Self-pride

• Independence and empathy

Parents/guardians are responsible for making sure children have shin guards and a soccer ball, as well as water/electrolyte type drink. Please do not bring soda or milk shakes for children’s hydration breaks.