DEVELOPMENT Winter 2019 Season Schedule

Winter Season: November 12th- February 20th , last game February 22nd (need lights)

Practice Day (TUESDAY)

Practice Day (THURSDAY)

Game Day

November 12th

November 14th

No Games

November 19th

November 21th

No Games  

December 3rd

December 5th

December 7th

December 10th

December 12th

**Friday** December 13th 

January 7th

January 9th

Saturday January 11th

January 14th

January 16th

Saturday January 18th

January 21st

January 23rd

Saturday January 24th

January 28th

January 30th

No Games

February 4th

February 6th

**Friday**  February 7th

February 11th

February 13th

**Friday** February 14th

February 18th

February 20th

Saturday February 22nd


2012-2015 PRACTICE TIMES ARE 5:00-6:00PM

Saturday games

2014-2015 boys and girls play at 9:00am

2012-2013- GIRLS play at 9:00am

2012-2013 BOYS play at 10:00am

**Friday games

2014-2015 boys and girls play at 6:00PM

2012-2013 GIRLS play at 6:00PM

2012-2013 BOYS play 7:00 PM